Pocket blood pressure monitor: measure blood pressure using a phone

Modern smartphones are so multifunctional that sometimes one wonders why this or that program is needed at all. However, some of them are really useful. For example, accessories and mobile applications for measuring blood pressure on the iPhone and Android, which are used for continuous monitoring of blood pressure, are becoming increasingly popular.

Apps for iPhones and Androids

Increased or decreased pressure affects health, leads to multiple diseases. If there are violations, then you should constantly monitor blood pressure.

Carrying a tonometer with you, of course, is not considered as a solution to the problem. There is a more convenient way - installing on a android or iPhone a special application that replaces the tonometer. Today on the Google Play and App Store there is a large selection of them.


According to the developers, the application is able to track a lot of body readings. In addition to blood pressure, it is possible to control weight, electrocardiogram, indicators of body mass index, arrhythmia, calories, heart rate and body temperature.

Setting up the application is easy, and besides, it connects to a cardio device. You can use charts, trends and statistics to track data. The program has an additional transmission of information to selected people.

Blood pressure companion

It is another popular application designed to control the weight and rhythm of the heart. Its advantage in a simple interface. All data is defined in a chart, bar graph and log.

After installation on a smartphone, the user can control the diastolic and systolic pressure in the form of a diagram. Thus, the average BP is easily calculated. Additionally, there is a function of reminding about the time of pressure measurement. By controlling cardiac activity, you can quickly determine what exactly caused the jumps in blood pressure.

iCare Healths

The most popular application. Feedback on the program is confirmed by the declared features of the developer. The application management is quite simple: after the launch is completed, a fingertip is applied to the smartphone’s camera in a fixed position, then they wait about a minute until the result is obtained.

Pay attention!

The difference between the iCare program is the high accuracy of the result (an error of no more than 12 units is allowed).

Blood pressure measurement is not the only possibility of the application. After its installation and activation, the android, like iPhone, can show statistics and other indicators of the body.

Smart blood pressure

The developers have especially tried on the SmartBP application. The program is able not only to measure a person’s blood pressure using a smartphone, but also to monitor what changes have occurred over a certain period of time.

SmartBP is configured so that the owner can keep records of all indicators, and then manage them by analyzing and sending them to combined devices and the Apple HealthKit service.

Application Features

There are a lot of programs for measuring blood pressure using an android or iPhone in well-known services. Some of them are created specifically for these purposes, while others have the function of measuring pressure, as an extra.

Pay attention!

When choosing an application, it is better to trust those programs that are designed directly to control blood pressure and heart function.

The advantage of applications, unlike a medical device, smartphone programs allow you to determine the pressure anywhere, they are able to save data for a long time and monitor indicators.

how to measure the pressure on the phone

The process of measuring pressure in the arteries is due to the capabilities of the camera phone. Unfortunately, only owners of modern high-resolution camera devices can use such applications. Another important point is the location of the LEDs close to the lens.

Applications may vary slightly, but a smartphone lens is required to measure blood pressure. Basically, the following methodology is used: the index finger pad is placed on the lens without exerting effort and waiting for the results to appear on the phone screen. After that, the data is downloaded to the smartphone and processed.

Accuracy of measurement

Disappointed users are often found in reviews of applications due to incorrect measurement of blood pressure. The developers claim that the data is accurate, but tests conducted by the researchers prove that the accuracy of measurement using a smartphone has an error of 10 - 20 units. and more.

We conclude: accessories and mobile applications for androids and iPhones cannot be used to measure blood pressure in case of serious violations. This method of monitoring heart rate is used more for prevention. However, if the pressure spikes are slight, then the phone may not detect them. If, for medical reasons, blood pressure monitoring is needed, then it is better to trust a real tonometer, and not a smartphone.

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5 comments on ““ Pocket blood pressure monitor: measure blood pressure using a phone ””

  1. Mikhail Ivanovich:

    People, do not get caught on advertising. Because of my illness, I went over a number of electronic blood pressure monitors and fitness bracelets from leading companies. These are all random number sensors. Even the expensive “blood pressure monitor” electronic tonometers lie a lot, and always down, showing systolic pressure on the 20-50 millimeters less than it actually is. For hypertensive patients, this is death. The only accurate way to measure pressure is a cuff and a phonendoscope. Please note that recently, blood pressure monitors have disappeared from clinics.

  2. Justuszup:

    If the application does not have a cuff, it does not make sense. Go far.

  3. Alekme:

    Do not forget about welltory. Not exactly pressure, but heart rate variability, by which you can track stress on the body. Moreover, it is completely free and without additional sensors.

  4. Alexander:

    Complete nonsense. Not a single smartphone and not a single mobile application can measure pressure. Confirmation of my words is that the iCare Healths application (supposedly the best) was removed from the Play Market. So draw your own conclusions.

  5. Hleb:

    I do not understand…
    Well, heart rate can still be measured by a change in skin color - the capillaries pulsate a little. There are sensors working on this principle.
    But here is the pressure? All the techniques I know are related to dosed compression of large vessels and fixation of noise or vibrations. A cuff is needed, in extreme cases, a strain gauge sensor, which is pressed on the vascular region. But how can you measure blood pressure with a camera ???

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