Unknown people call the mobile phone and reset - 5 reasons not to call back

Each owner of a mobile phone has at least once encountered an incoming call to his cell phone, which immediately ended. Most curious people often call back, although this is not worth it for several good reasons.

You can lose money in the account

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It happens that a call comes from a subscriber from another country. Therefore, if you call back, any amount will be instantly debited from your account, even if the call lasts a few seconds. A call can also simply be charged at a high connection cost, which will also lead to a charge.

It is better to immediately identify the undecided number in the black list, and if it is simply unfamiliar, then it is worth the wait - who needs it, will definitely call you again.

There is a chance to run into collectors

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Answering an unknown call may lead to the fact that the “black” collectors may begin to put pressure on the subscriber who called back. It does not matter whether he borrowed money or not, whether he has debts - they will long and persistently demand a return of funds.

Even when it comes to other people's money: collectors do not care what you answer.

Spend time on answering machine

Marketers usually call and immediately stop calling. This is an old and effective method of attracting potential customers. If you call back to an unknown number, you can simply spend time listening to unnecessary advertising from any company, which is often read out not by a real person, but by an answering machine.

You are tortured by intrusive advertising

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Perhaps if you call back, the money from the account will not be debited, and there will be no collector or scammers on the other end of the wire. But there will be intrusive advertising, with which the subscriber will be aggressively offered to get acquainted very often even after his categorical refusal.

An unknown number should immediately be blacklisted to avoid repeated calls. And henceforth, you do not need to call back to such numbers.

You can become a victim of scammers

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“Call and reset” is no longer a new type of telephone fraud. Resetting a call, scammers expect them to call you back. Some scammers conclude an agreement with operators on the condition that any incoming call to their phone will be paid. And the amount charged per call will depend on its duration.

The caller calls back to such a number, and the fraudster tries to keep the conversation as long as possible: for him he will receive funds to his account.

Ignoring incoming calls from unknown numbers is worth it if you value your money and time. You can bar such incoming calls using special applications.

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