Gearbest celebrates its 5 anniversary by offering a discount of more than $ 55 55,55% and much more

Staying true to its reputation as one of the best Chinese online stores of electronic goods, Gearbest does not leave indifferent in its desire to offer top-quality goods at unbeatable prices.

Chinese online store celebrates its 5 anniversary New promotion campaign, which includes many unforgettable deals, big discounts and more. The promotion, dubbed the “Guide to Celebrating the 5 Anniversary of Gearbest,” was divided into several categories, each of which offers Gearbest users something that can be supported.

In section "Get Coupons" Coupon codes are presented that can be used to save a significant amount of money when placing an order. Each coupon has been assigned to specific categories.

For the sake of example, the 10% discount is valid for products available in the category "Fishing". In addition, there are two coupons for 6% that can be used in the "Tools" and "Home Gadgets" sections and get remarkable discounts. There is also a coupon for 5% discount, which will be valid for the category of accessories for cell phones.

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In the "Entertainment" section there are four more promotions that you can check out. For example, the action “Your memory of purchases” offers a limited number of coupons for the selection of users from certain countries. Those who have registered Gearbest accounts will be eligible to receive a card. Lucky Draw and one coupon.

The next category is called "Available" and includes three promotions, including upcoming promotions “24 sale”, "Mega Market" и "5 Delivery Days"in which you can get a discount of 10 dollars and a chance save 50 percent respectively.

13 March Products Included "Quality"will go on sale at discount prices. In addition, you can go directly to the section "Super Coupon", which presents mobile devices such as smartphones and phablets, as well as laptops and many other electronic products.

More importantly, all items included in the above section are available at discounted prices. To lower the initial asking price of a particular product, all you need to do is apply the coupons associated with it. You can visit the promotion page and familiarize yourself with the other products by clicking on this link.

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