Tesla's patents made public to save the world, says Elon Musk

In an effort to make the world cleaner, Elon Musk promoted Tesla patents. In an attempt to fight climate change, Elon Musk opened patents for anyone who wants to use it. When making a blog ad, the founder of Tesla added that they "will not file patent claims against those who honestly want to use our technology."

Tesla patents made public

This is an exceptional gesture in an era when companies usually defend every small advance of technology within their borders. Elon Musk said that along with efforts to save the world, they also strive for progress in electric vehicle technology. In the same vein, he added: “Yesterday there was a wall of Tesla patents in the lobby of our headquarters in Palo Alto. This is no longer the case. They were removed, in the spirit of the open source movement ... "

Surprisingly, this statement was made immediately after the US public prosecutor’s office framed a Chinese citizen on the charge of stealing a project for self-driving an Apple car. Elon Musk said he doubted patents that brought profits only to giant corporations and lawyers, not inventors. He said that these patents suppress progress or “hold back progress” in this area.

Tesla Motors

A recent announcement has allowed Tesla to gain prominence among the general public. Despite the fact that enthusiasts in the market for electric cars and some guys who are knowledgeable about the environment, will certainly appreciate the movement of Tesla.

Making the announcement, Musk again recalled the Tesla ideal and said: “Tesla Motors was created to accelerate the emergence of sustainable transport. If we pave the way for the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but then lay intellectual property mines to prevent others, we will act contrary to this goal. "

Musk insisted that they would remain very strict for corporations that would use their patents, and then sell their products on the market at higher prices.

He even turned to the crisis that is going through our world. Musk said that other large companies are not working on cars with clean fuel or electric vehicles. But they alone cannot even produce these many cars to compete for endless demand.

Although he added “It’s impossible for Tesla to build electric cars fast enough to cope with the carbon crisis.” In general, the idea of ​​an open source philosophy lies in the rapid progress in technology and in compliance with demand.

« We believe that the application of the open source philosophy to our patents is likely to strengthen, rather than weaken, Tesla's positions. ” , - he said. We hope that other companies also have to go the same way in order to invent new technologies at a much faster pace.

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