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Night vision goggles WNNVE-C201A for only $ 439.99 on TomTop [+ Coupon]

The market is filled with all sorts of night vision gadgets that help you see even in a dark environment; however, these devices usually carry steep price tags. If you are looking for cost-effective nightly equipment that is loaded with useful features, we have received good news for you.

Night vision digital binoculars WNNVE-C201A climbed for sale with a greatly reduced price on the TomTop. As a result, you can buy this infrared night vision device at a reduced price of just 699,99 US dollars in a popular Chinese online store.

Considering only the 30% discount in the original asking price WNNVE-C201A $ 986,32, this is not impressive, you can use coupon code "WNNVE", to save a significant amount of extra money during checkout.

Coupon will help you save $ 260 and bring the already reduced amount to just $ 439,99.

An absolute bargain at this price, the WNNVE-C201A night vision goggles are the ideal equipment for observing wildlife in dark conditions. It is designed to be very lightweight so that you can conveniently place it on your head for hands-free operation.

It provides an effective visible distance of 16-196 feet, and if you wear an infrared flashlight, you can see it up to 328 feet. In addition, it is equipped with a soft and elastic belt that can be adjusted to ensure the media is properly sealed so that it stays in place while driving.

In addition, WNNVE-C201A night-vision goggles are made using high-quality refractory plastic, which makes it only easier than a bottle of water. Its power source is placed outside, so you can wear it on your head for a very long time.

WNNVE-C201A Night Vision

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In addition, the WNNVE-C201A is powered by a non-removable rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 working hours after charging for 8 hours. You can even use a USB power adapter to charge the WNNVE-C201A.

You can go to this link, if you are interested in checking other information and using the discount before the end of the promo. Please note that the sale will be completed in a short time.

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