Запрет США убил Huawei и предстоящую интеллектуальную колонку Google

Huawei and Google have had a strong relationship in the past. However, after the recent US ban, this relationship has faced its share of struggles. Although things seem to be better now, with the Trump administration allowing Huawei to use Google’s Android, these companies reportedly had to kill a couple of projects because of the recent US ban.

Huawei has an AI speaker called Hero in China

According to the Information, Huawei and Google were working on a smart speaker powered by the Google Assistant. The company was expected to launch the new speaker at IFA, Berlin in September this year and planned to sell it online in the US. However, when the US ban came into effect, both the companies had to stop working on it. It is said that they spent at least a year on the speaker, so it’s a shame that it may never see the light of the day. During this period, Google and Huawei were also discussing ways to make Huawei phones compatible with Android Auto.

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However, the US ban seems to have strained Huawei’s relationship with all US companies. In fact, recently, a report said that Huawei aimed to reduce its reliance on US suppliers by the next couple of years to avoid any supply issues in the future. The company is said to have survived the recent US ban by stockpiling essential components and chips before hand.

So even if US removes Huawei from its ‘Entity List’, it’s unlikely that things will go back to normal between these two companies.

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