Официальный видео-тизер Pixel 4 подтверждает разблокировку лица и технологию Soli

Google is doing things differently this year with respect to the Pixel 4. Apparently, it wants to control the narrative. Earlier, it released an official render of the phone, shortly after a leak surfaced on the web. Today, it has released the first official video teaser for the phone.

The less-than 30-second video doesn’t give us a good look at the design of the phone but it does confirm some rumors about its features.

First, the Google Pixel 4 will support Face Unlock similar to that of the iPhone X series. An official blog post by Google reveals more about this and it includes a cross-sectional image that shows all the components in the phone’s big forehead.

Starting from the left, there is a face unlock IR camera, followed by the main front camera, and then an Ambient light/Proximity sensor. Then there is the speaker in the middle or audio port as Google calls it.

To the right of the speaker is the Soli radar chip which allows you to control the phone with no hands. In the video, it is shown that you will be able to swipe to change tracks. You will also be able to wave your hands to silence alarms and calls. If you look closely at the video, there is a small animation at the top of the screen that shows when you make a gesture with your hand.

That isn’t the only thing the Soli radar is good for. Google says the device turns on as you reach for the phone, allowing the phone to unlock “all in one motion”.

We presume what happens “behind the scenes” is the radar senses the movement of your hand and then wakes the phone which then activates the face unlock system. It scans your face and then unlocks the phone. It is a pretty fast process, so you shouldn’t notice any lag.

Side Note: We can’t possibly be the only ones who think the Soli radar will make its way into the next version of Google Nest Hub?

Next to the Soli radar are the rest of the face unlock system which includes a face unlock dot projector, another IR camera, and a flood illuminator. Google says it will not only unlock your phone but also authenticate you for payments and applications. It will be called “Motion Sense” and will not be available in all countries.

You don’t have to worry about security as the Pixel 4 will feature the Titan M security chip where your face data will always be stored. Never online where it can be accessed by someone else.

The Pixel 4 is shaping up to be an interesting device and we have a feeling it may even launch earlier than its predecessor.



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