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The 6-year-old IPhone 11 lights up

15.07.2019 !NeW!, Apple, News 0 43

We do not often hear reports of explosions of Android smartphones. An iPhone that lights up in fire is even less common, but this is the main thing in the city. The iPhone 6, owned by an 11-year-old girl from California, recently caught fire, and it could happen in her hands if ...

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10 best Jony Ive products created by Apple

28.06.2019 Apple, News 0 53

Apple's chief designer, Johnny Ive, leaves the company, giving his experience over 30 years. The man behind the minimalist and elegant design of Apple products is finally leaving the company to launch its LoveFrom project next year. Joni Ive remains one of Apple’s most trusted creative co-founders ...

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In the first quarter of 2019, Huawei for the first time surpassed Apple in the premium phone market in China

24.06.2019 Apple, Huawei, News 0 43

Apple still maintains world leadership in the premium handset market, despite some losses in China, the world's largest market. The latest figures from Counterpoint Research show that Apple no longer controls the segment of premium phones in China. The data also shows that Huawei is the biggest beneficiary of the Apple recession in China. Huawei appeared ...

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