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ILife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at an Unbeatable Price for 199 Dollars

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As the holiday season takes place, large manufacturers offer huge discounts on the daily use of household products. Similarly, iLife reduced the price of its iLife A7 Robotic vacuum cleaner with a discount of more than 30%. It is usually sold at the regular price in 229,99 US dollars, but after the discount you can purchase it at the price of the offer in 199 dollars.

This is a pretty useful product, because it brings automation to your home and makes it smarter. When it comes to cleaning the house, our smartphones, wearables, and all other devices remain helpless until you get an intelligent vacuum cleaner. Well, today there is a chance to get a vacuum cleaner. iLife A7 Robotic at reduced price in 199,99 US dollars from Amazon. Users can control this intelligent vacuum cleaner using an application specifically designed for iOS and Android devices.

Along with the ingenuity, it is also equipped with a reliable engine with mechanical buttons. Speaking of its capabilities, iLife A7 carries the third-generation cyclone cleaning system and a system of replaceable rolls. It easily handles dust, debris, pet hair and all other small particles. It can be used either on carpets or on hard floors.


It comes with a rubber brush and a brush for convenient use on different floors. It comes with various cleaning modes, such as automatic, spot, edge, path and Max mode. These modes can clean the surface in accordance with the specified settings. It can automatically charge when it is running low. It can clean all types of dirt by going under other furniture, which was made possible by its low profile construction.

In quickness, the user needs to download a specific application in order to control it remotely and automatically. Along with intelligent control, there is also a mechanical button and a remote control. The user can schedule the cleaning process according to need at any time of the day or week. The user can also control the direction, level of suction and other functions of the device.

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There are many other advantages to using this beautifully processed Robotic Vaccum in your room. Currently, you can get it at a reduced price in the 199,99 dollar. It is usually available at a price of US $ 229,99. You can click the button above on Amazon to use this incredible deal.

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