New series Mate "> Huawei Available in multiple storage options with support for storage expansion through a new NM expansion slot. However, you can lose all your files if your phone is stolen or an error has occurred that requires it to be cleaned. To keep your files safe, Huawei announced a portable drive for backing up your files.

Huawei Storage Drive

The Huawei backup drive has a 1 TB capacity and also doubles as a charger. It takes the form of a wireless charger, and its top is covered with a waterproof fabric. It has a silicone base to prevent it from slipping from the surface, and the body is made of plastic.

Huawei states that it does not require a special application. All you need to do is connect your Mate 20 phone and automatically create backup copies of your documents, photos and videos. You can also select the files you want to copy. Huawei also claims that the process is very fast, for a second it supports up to 10 high-resolution images.

The Huawei backup drive has a USB-C port and works with 5V / 2A chargers, as well as Huawei 9V2A and 5V4.5A chargers. Unfortunately, it does not support the new SuperCharge technology with 40 watts.

Huawei Storage Drive

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The drive for the drive comes in gray and goes on sale October 26. The price is still unknown, but is already available for pre-order at Vmall . Those who have pre-ordered, must make a deposit in the amount of 8 US dollars and will enjoy a discount of 100 yen when it goes on sale 26-th number.

Although the backup drive currently only works with the Mate 20, Huawei claims that support for other models will be announced in the future.