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Review of OnePlus 6: a complete flagship

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OnePlus proved that he is the best in the segment of top-end smartphones. This applies to OnePlus 6 and is it true? Let's find out!

Mirror black 8GB + 128GB has been in our hands for review, and we've been using this phone for the last few weeks.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the midnight black version, and the fact that the phone is not big, was a big plus. However, Mirror Black is the option that will end up with most users, and I needed to know if I could fall in love with its reflective, but sexy black design. It turns out I did! I agree, Mirror Black is one "big magnet of fingerprints", but this should not take away the fact that it is one of the most beautiful variants of OP6.

OnePlus 6 Overview

The phone has a rich premium mirror, such as rear trim, it's a super-reflective and huge fingerprint magnet. But hold it in your hands, and it looks like a premium piece of glass. This reflexive spin will certainly attract everyone's attention, and the OnePlus 6 Mirror Black will never let you down to feeling the award. Given this advantage, I'm not averse to cleaning my review unit several times a day, especially since it's pretty easy to erase fingerprints. So, the prestige of OnePlus in the right design with OP6. I was a little skeptical about his transition to a glass, but I'm glad that they understood everything.

Review of OnePlus 6

There are several changes in the layout of components. Thus, you have dual cameras located vertically behind (horizontally on 5T) with a dual LED flash, a fingerprint sensor and the OnePlus logo placed one under the other, providing perfect symmetry. The warning slider has changed its position to the right, above the power button. On the left, you have volume buttons and a dual SIM card slot. At the bottom you have a headphone jack 3,5 mm, a USB Type-C port and a single speaker setup. In fact, there is nothing but the opening of the microphone.

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

The case with two cameras protrudes from the thin case 7,8 mm. But thanks to the placement in the center of the phone, the phone will not swing when it is held on the table. In fact, it remains fairly stable on the surface, unlike some competitors.

Review of OnePlus 6

The front design is pretty standard stuff. You have a thin display with no inscriptions with inscriptions on top. At first glance, it would be rather difficult to distinguish OP6 from other flagship phones with an inscription. But this does not change the fact that the frames are very thin, the display looks beautiful, and the overall experience is pretty positive. The cut is very thin, so you get a lot of space on both sides.

Buttons on both sides are strong and tactile. The warning slider works well, and it's easy to control the phone with one hand, despite the large 6,28-inch display. Since we are working on one hand, be sure to get a phone for your phone. The back is super slippery, and there is a very good chance that you can reset it at least a couple of times during use.

Want an example? I'm writing this review with OnePlus 6, except for me, reliably placed in my notebook (or so I thought). At the edge of my eye, I saw something slip to me, and you can guess what it was. Let me remind you, I was on the couch, and there was hardly any inclination, so be careful when you put the phone.

OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 3T design

I personally trust the quality of the OnePlus assembly (my metal OP3T has withstood many drops without any serious damage other than a few dents and scratches), and the company is confident that the rear of the glass will not crack so easily, but it's better to be safe than sorry , when it comes to things that cost no more than 500 dollars!

Overview of OnePlus 6: Phone Screen

Now let's talk about the display. For $ 529, you can not go wrong with the OnePlus 6 display! The colors are bright, the brightness is satisfactory, and the front panels are so thin that you have a really impressive display. It may not be as bright or piercing as the Galaxy S9, but that does not change the fact that you get one infernal display at this price. You have several screen calibration options available as sRGB, DCI-P3 and even custom. But for me personally, I left the default mode.

OnePlus 6 in front

In direct sunlight, you may want more light. OP6 does not have the fancy brightness mode of 1000nits, like the LG G7, so you'll have to live with your moderately bright display. But since you will not spend much of your time on bright sunlight, this display should be good enough for you.

Technical characteristics of the display:

  • 6.28-inch optical panel AMOLED with support for DCI-P3
  • 2280x1080p, 19 Aspect Ratio: 9
  • Protection Gorilla Glass 5

Now that we have established that the display is pretty good, let's turn to the novelty - NOTCH. If this is your first phone with a recess, I thought it would be nice to understand some things.

Review of OnePlus 6

Yes, OnePlus 6 has an incision, but it's not as bad as the market. Do you notice a note in your daily use? Yes! But your eyes get used to it very quickly, and you will soon start to ignore it.

I noticed that the cutout of the screen is more noticeable in the dark, when only the display shines in the room. That's when it looks like the inscription comes out of the top panel, but if you do not take it out, just fill it with black bars (there's a special setting), which makes the design symmetrical. Note that the status icons are still neatly tucked in addition to the cutout.

Most of the applications I used were optimized for the design of the notch. Thus, either the application covers the sides of the label, or the phone automatically adds a black bar, so that the application covers only the area under it.

In this way, instagram opens by filling the sides of the cutout, but once you click on the story, the application slightly shifts down because the phone adds a black space besides the label. But there are certain cases when the label is not optimized.

I noticed this in the case of WhatsApp stories. The application is generally loaded perfectly, but in particular, whatsapp stories are loaded in full-screen mode, and the notch ends, covering a small part of the story. It's nothing serious, but only what I noticed.

To summarize, consider the slot as a step between our dream for a full-screen phone. I'm sure that in the next couple of years full-screen phones without an inscription will become the norm. OPPO and Vivo have already reached the final stages of full-screen design , so we know that we are not too far from the future full screen.

Equipment and performance of OnePlus 6:

Like any other OnePlus phone, the OnePlus 6 is equipped with the best 2018 equipment of the year. Thus, you get powerful, but effective options RAM Snapdragon 845, 6GB / 8GB and 64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB.

Review of OnePlus 6

OnePlus phones are fast, and they are not so fast for the price. OnePlus takes speed very quickly (it's no surprise that the OP6 tag is the "speed you need"), and it's one of the fastest Android flagships on the market right now. And you will immediately feel it. The difference is not insignificant, since applications are downloaded per second, the user interface is super smooth, and the overall experience is similar to you on steroids.

I have been using this phone for over a week, and I have never experienced a slowdown or a lag. Everything is still fast, as in the beginning, and this is something that we must pay tribute to the OnePlus FSE (Fast Stable Efficient) team. They constantly release super fast flash platforms Android, and my 1,5-year-old OP3T still works flawlessly without any big icons.

Games come to life as expected, and all major games work flawlessly on the phone. The fact that the company has optimized more than 100 games in the gaming shop to improve download time helps to speed up the launch of your favorite gaming application. After this review I will give a detailed game review of the phone, but for now you know that on OP6 you will have fun playing.

Review of OnePlus 6

At the beginning of the article, I called OnePlus an affordable flagship. This was due to the fact that he misses some premium features found on more advanced devices. For example, there is no wireless charging or even IP rating (although it is water resistant). There are no fancy options, such as a transparent back panel, stereo speakers or even features like the extreme.

But it has everything you expect from a standard flagship, including a headphone jack. Thus, he does not miss any significant function, only those that can be defined as bonuses. In general, this is a complete flagship on paper.

Overview of OnePlus 6: software

OnePlus "OxygenOS" - one of the best implementations of Android on the smartphone. Thus, OxygenOS on OnePlus 6 is a pleasure to work with. Thin animations and functions are fluid and fast, and you will be happy with the overall experience. The best thing about OxygenOS is that the company does not try to add many functions, but only a few that you will most likely use on a daily basis.

OnePlus 6 ReadingMode

If you are configured to read on OnePlus 6, you can enable its special reading mode (available in the Quick Settings Panel), which automatically adjusts the screen temperature and calibration for optimal perception. You can manually enable it from the settings or assign certain applications that automatically enable this function.

Game Mode OnePlus 6

The same applies in game mode. You can assign applications or turn them on manually. In addition to blocking notifications, this particular mode allows you to adjust battery consumption, as well as the priority of network data. This is a really handy feature for avid gamers. Personally, I do not play a lot of games on my phone, but I still like that you have the ability to configure these basic settings.

OnePlus 6 Gestures

For a phone whose purpose is to detect the maximum screen real estate from its 6,2-inch display, I hate seeing on the screen the buttons covering the bottom half of the device. That's why I immediately switched to gesture-based navigation as soon as I received the phone for review. Originally I was a little skeptical about the gestures, but it turned out that it's as good as you can get on the Android phone at the moment.

You can go from the button to go back to the house or scroll up from the right or left corner to go one step back. These two gestures work flawlessly, and they have never been able to work, which is certainly good news. Swipe up and hold the gesture to open the latest apps menu, not as intuitive as the touch of a button (since there is a second delay).

If you are like me, who used the latest application to switch between applications at light speed, this particular gesture slowed down a bit. But this is definitely not a transaction breaker, given how much screen you save without the onscreen buttons below.

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Another thing I should add in this review is the OnePlus function of Face Unlock. I liked the super fast fingerprint sensors on the previous flagships of OnePlus, but the fact that the sensor was behind the phone left me disappointed, as I often use my phone when it is on the table (like many users).

However, a nice surprise was the function of Face Unlock on the device. The phone is immediately unlocked when the screen is turned on, and I realized that I did not use its fingerprint sensor. After all, there's no need to go all the way back when your phone unlocks as soon as you turn on its screen.

It's easy, fast and convenient. Despite the fact that it is not very secure, I think it was one of the best features of my OP6.

Review of OnePlus 6

Then there are other simple but effective software functions, such as the recent application manager (deep cleaning option), an ambient display, three fingerprint screenshots, a long screenshot, a double click to wake up, turn and turn off the sound and gestures of music control.

In general, this is a versatile OS for everyday use and works flawlessly on your phone.

Overview of OnePlus 6: Camera

The camera was never a strong point of the flagship OnePlus, but with OnePlus 6 everything was much better than before. The rear camera setup is similar, the 16-megapixel sensor paired with an 20-megapixel secondary sensor. However, this time, the second 20MP sensor is only present for collecting depth information. Thus, unlike the earlier cameras, in which the second sensor was said to help with low-light photography, it has only one single goal - the Boke effect.

Review of OnePlus 6

Instead, the company decided to focus on its main sensor, increasing the pixel size to 1,22um using a large f / 1.7-aperture lens. This is not all, OIS and EIS have returned to OP6, unlike the previous generation, which missed this technology (5T had only EIS).

On the front panel you get an 16-megapixel sensor, which is also capable of capturing software bokeh. In this way, you get awesome characters for your pages on social networks.

Sample camera OnePlus 6

In general, OnePlus 6 makes excellent shots in daylight. Saturation levels are good, the amount of detail is adequate, and the overall images look crisp and detailed. Complete shots generally come out very well.

Landscape photos are also pretty good, and it's pretty close to the quality of images with some of the best phones on the market today, such as Huawei P20 Pro or Google Pixel 2 XL. But we realized that after you cross a certain price range, the daytime shots of most phones will be useful. Thus, OnePlus 6 copes well with good lighting conditions, not surprisingly.

Sample camera OnePlus 6

Only when the lighting goes down, we know the real power of the camera in the smartphone. It is here that OnePlus 6 shines due to the wide diaphragm, larger pixel size, the next Internet provider and even OIS.

The photos are still pretty detailed, and in most cases you will be satisfied with the image they received. The colors are good, the noise is limited, and the pictures have enough detail to stand next to the samples from such large players as Galaxy S9 +.

Frankly, low-light photos from OnePlus 6 may not be as gorgeous as the best phones with an 2018 camera of the year, but they are not far behind. For a phone that is $ 300-500 less than these so-called premium flagships, the OnePlus camera does a very good job.

Sample camera OnePlus 6

The user interface of the camera is quite simple. The quick setup menu is on the top panel, swipe left or right to switch between video modes and portrait and scroll up to get more modes such as slo-mo, panorama, professional mode, timer shooting, etc.

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

Review of OnePlus 6

In the general video mode, you can select the resolution up to 4K and the shooting speed of 60 frames per second. However, note that OIS or EIS will not play at this high resolution, so the resulting video will not be as smooth as the 1080p video.

For slo-mo, you have two options: 1080p at 240 frames per second and 720p at 480 frames per second. Now it may not be the same as 960 frames per second on S9 or Xperia XZ2 but you can take up to a minute of the video in real time, which translates in about 6 minutes of video slo-mo.

In addition, all videos do not need to be slowed down, since the editor allows you to select a certain portion of the video that you can slow down. So you can start in real time and quickly go to slo-mo to really emphasize the slo-mo function. It is fast, convenient and works well on the phone. Please note that you must make sure that to get good quality slo-mo video is enough light.

Portrait of OnePlus 6

As for the portrait mode, it is slightly more polished than before. However, there are still opportunities for improvement, and you often notice that edge detection algorithms often skip something in the image. However, this is good enough for the exchange of basic social networks in most cases. The front camera will also soon get a self-portrait mode with the new update.

Sample OnePlus 6

Browse all OnePlus 6 sample photos on this page.

Review of OnePlus 6: Battery

The flagship OnePlus was never known for having extravagant battery life, but he managed to get through the whole day. On paper, OnePlus 6 is equipped with an 3300 mAh battery that sounds quite small, but given the optimizations added to the 2018 smartphone of the year, including the efficient 10nm Snapdragon 845, the power supply, the battery life is sufficient.

Review of OnePlus 6

I can not be a strong user in the traditional sense, but my smartphone usually works for me all day, which includes letters, constant notifications from applications such as twitter, half an hour of video playback, WordPress editing, an hour or two of Bluetooth music playback on my a stereo headset or my headset, browsing in instagram mode, making calls, using the camera, and viewing / reading articles per hour.

Basically, during the last week my OnePlus 6 practically did not have free time during the day, and he still managed to go all day without any hiccups. Only once I had to charge it in the evening, but this was an exceptional case, because on this day there were many applications for comparing and using the camera. On all other days I received a whole day of use.

Charging your phone takes more than an hour, and the dash charge works well if you want a fast 10-minute charge for a few extra hours of use.

Keep your expectations above the average from OnePlus 6 in terms of battery life, and you'll be a happy user. In conclusion, this is the right combination of power and efficiency, with a little more concentration on the former department.

Overview of OnePlus 6: Conclusion

For the most part, OnePlus 6 proved to be a remarkable flagship. Hell, this is one of the best smartphones that you can buy for $ 600 (and for $ 500 on pre-order).

OnePlus 6 in front

The phone really misses the fancy stuff, but if you are looking for a phone that can support almost all the devices in each department without violating the availability ratio, then OnePlus 6 is your best choice!

Whether it's a camera, display, battery life or even sound quality, OnePlus can stand among the best flagships on the market that cost much more than 600 dollars! Especially it should be noted the improvement in the quality of the camera in this new flagship, and we saw him approaching a number of premium flagships in this department,

Personally, I feel that it misses the sound of high quality (dynamics) and wireless charging, but overall I'm pleased with what OnePlus did with its new flagship. At this price, you just can not go wrong with OnePlus 6!

Are there better phones than OP6? Yes! But the sweet price for $ 529 ($ 523 in the JD store) brings everything together, making it an unbeatable purchase.

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