Nokia last month joined a growing group of OEMs with marking smartphones when it became official with Nokia X6. Design of cutouts is widely distributed among manufacturers, especially after Apple used the design on the iPhone X. Unfortunately, the design is not so popular with fans who are in fact end users. But since it allows the designer to shave off almost all the front panels at the top, trying to create an almost screen-free screen, it may not soon go away. Software update for Nokia X6

For those who do not like Nokia X6 because of their screen, Nokia has released a new update for the device. In the update, users are given the opportunity to hide the label by activating the black border in this area. It's like an option Huawei is included in the serial number of the P20 series , OnePlus 6 also has the ability to hide a notch , The update of Nokia X6 is currently underway in China, and the update comes with the build number 229D.B01. In addition to this option, the update also results in portrait mode, background application restrictions, and application hideability. There are also some optimizations for the WLAN and game screen associated with touch controls. In addition, the update tags along the left scroll function for deletion for SMS and several improvements for the user interface.