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The beginning of the summer sale to Banggood. Get great discounts, coupon codes and more!

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"Banggood Mid-Year Sale" is not far off. In fact, we are about 6 days before the show starts.

The upcoming action was divided into several sections, which will be valid for a certain period of time. For example, the Warm-UP period began today, 12 June, and will last until 18 June. Similarly, from 19 June on 26 June, the products will be sold, and 27-June sale of Big Bang Sale will begin on 48 June, and it will be completed on 29 June.

Buy coupons

This category includes the 3 coupon. As part of the promo, if you have a registered Banggood account that is more than 3 months old and less than 2 years old, you are entitled to receive a coupon of 5 US Dollars. If your Banggood account is registered more than 2 years ago, you will be eligible for both: 5 US Dollars, as well as a coupon for 10 US Dollars. But if your account Banggood more than 3 years, you can receive all coupons.

Early sale of birds

This section of the promo is filled with all sorts of electronic elements. More importantly, you can get significant discounts on individual items.

For example, you can get a decent discount on the retail price of URUAV UR65 FPV Racing Drone. The device will usually return $ 109,99 to Banggood, but the Chinese online store issues an 25% discount at the original asking price.  In other words, you only need to shell out $ 82,99 to enjoy a powerful racing unmanned aerial vehicle. In addition, you can choose between Flysky receiver with 1 battery and 3 batteries or go to Frsky receiver with 1 or 3 batteries.

The Planet of Brands

Brand conscious consumers also need treatment. You can find a wide range of electronic products from well-known companies at a reduced price in this category. For example, you can buy a gold, black or blue version of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 at a reduced price of just 229,99 dollar.

The phone is usually sold at a price of 283,21 USD for Banggood, but the site sells 19% discount at the original selling price. Likewise, you can get an 37% discount on Newwear Q8 SmartWatch, which is currently available in Silver, Gold, Blue and Black versions for Banggood.

If you are interested in checking the rest of the products and taking advantage of the promotion for two years, go straight this link,

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