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Get the Dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie 46% on Amazon

Another great feature from dodocool is now available on Amazon, as the company offers a coupon for 46%. This means that you can only $ 7 use of coupon YX77RDPQ at the time of booking. Unfortunately, only the black version is offered, but everything is in order.

mini speaker dodocool

In addition to the ability to play music that you throw on it when you connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device, it also works as a suicide shooter. No, it does not have a camera, but it can act as a capture button. This is especially useful when you have a smartphone with a display and processing it with one hand is pain.

Dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie translates music from your smartphones, tablets, personal computers or other Bluetooth-enabled devices and immerses sound anywhere on the wireless network. In addition to these functions, it can also become hands-free to answer phone calls.

mini speaker dodocool

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with decent performance and a terrific price, this is your chance. And you get a remote self-service function, as well as a speakerphone as a bonus. Offer available Here ,

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