HMD Global will conduct a launch event at the 29 May in Russia , It is expected that the Finnish company will make its debut with new phones that were not previously announced. There are rumors that the company can debut in 2018 year Nokia 3 , Nokia 5 and Nokia 2. There was a leak photo of the back of the alleged smartphone Nokia 3 (2018). It shows that the smartphone will arrive with an updated rear design in comparison with the original Nokia 3.

The leaked image shows that the mysterious Nokia phone has a hard plastic back cover, such as old old Lumia phones. Rear panel of the original Nokia 5 was more rounded and bent to the edges, whereas Nokia 3 there was a rectangular back panel. Therefore, it seems that the back cover in the new leaked image may belong to rumors about the release of the Nokia 3 smartphone, released in 2018.

Changes that can be seen on the back of the alleged Nokia 3 (2018) are the inclusion of an extended camera module that can be found on the latest Nokia phones. Below the camera module is a round cutout, which can belong to a fingerprint scanner. In the original Nokia 3 there was no fingerprint reader. The presence of the built-in fingerprint scanner on the rumors of Nokia 3 (2018) suggests that it can appear with a high aspect ratio of the screen.

Supposedly-Nokia-3-2018-rear panel

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In addition to the company logo, the back panel of the alleged Nokia 3 (2018) is equipped with Android One branding at the bottom. This indicates that this phone can also be part of the Google One One initiative from Google.

Information about the characteristics of the upcoming Nokia 2 (2018), Nokia 3 (2018) and Nokia 5 (2018) is missing. The Finnish company recently launched Nokia X6 smartphone with a design with a notch. The company also suggested that it will make its debut on the rumors of Nokia X7 and Nokia X5, which are likely to arrive with the same notched design as Nokia X6.

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