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Sale of travel goods from Xiaomi in the Banggood store: Get a discount of 30% and more!

If you are a fan of travel and adventure - this news is for you. Banggood provides great discounts on a wide range of products targeted at Xiaomi, which come in handy when you go to a great outdoor adventure.

Called "Xiaomi Outdoor", the recently launched big promotion even offered a coupon for a discount "99a5c2", Which is valid for all goods and for CN warehouses. The products were divided into several categories to facilitate the search process.

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Banggood gives 30% discount on Xiaomi 300 stainless steel portable water container with 316 vacuum cup, bringing the original asking price of 45,99 US dollar for only $ 31,99. In addition, you can save an additional $ 9,60 by simply applying the coupon code '99a5c2'at the time of booking.

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Travel suitcase

Banggood gives a significant discount of 50% to two sizes, that is, 20 inches and 24 inches from the original Xiaomi 90FUN luggage compartment, which usually returns you 357,99 dollars. Thanks to the discount, you can now access the store by posting $ 168.99 and $ 188.99, respectively.

Use a coupon on a suitcase

You can choose from several color options, including gray, red, white, black and blue. More importantly, you can apply a coupon code "99a5c2"To save additional 50,70 US dollars on 20-inch and 56,70 US dollars for 24-inch Xiaomi travel baggage options.

Outdoor backpack

Regardless of whether you are an active person outdoors or just prefer to enjoy the fresh air from time to time, it is extremely important that you have the best backpack for your supplies. On the other hand, high-quality backpacks are not cheap.

This category is full of all sorts of first-class backpacks that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket. For example, Banggood offers a discount of 22% on the original Xiaomi 26L 15,6 laptop notebook backpack, which is usually sold for $ 129.99 on the site.

Use a coupon for a backpack

Backpack Xiaomi 26L is available at a reduced price of only 101,79 dollars. But if you are in a limited budget and do not want to spend that kind of money on a backpack, you can use the coupon code "99a5c2"To save additional 30,54 dollars at the time of registration. This will result in your total total being only $ 71,25.

Storage Bag

If you are looking for a bag that you can wear all day without breaking the sweat, you have come to the right place. This section contains many bags of storage that are currently suitable for purchase at a reduced price.

Use a coupon on the wallet

You can buy a credit card holder Xiaomi 90 Fun at a discounted price of only 24,69 US Dollars. It is worth noting that the card holder usually sells for $ 33,79 to Banggood. In other words, you can save 7,41 US dollars by applying the discount code "99a5c2»When placing an order.

If you are interested in using a promo and are using a discount coupon, which expires on June, 30, go straight on this page. All goods having a reduced price are likely to retain their original selling price as soon as the promotion is terminated.

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