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Clever Xiaomi Sherlock M1 door lock for only $ 105.99 per GeekBuying + discount coupon

Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1 can be installed, very easy. All you need to do is attach it to the inner lock of your doors. The device can be controlled using the application We Home, and it boasts a host of other impressive features and functions.

Now GeekBuying offers a significant discount 26% on this smart lock in the style of Xiaomi. You can choose the options for the left door and right door, which are designed to be purchased at a significantly reduced price for only 109,99 dollars.

Note that the Sherlock Smart Lock M1 will usually cost you $ 149,20 on GeekBuying. But if you are in a tight budget and want to save more money besides getting the above discount, we have good news for you.

Apply coupon for Sherlock M1

You can use the coupon codeDHMWIISM"And save additional 12,00 US dollars at the time of ordering. In other words, you can reduce your final payment to as little as 105,99 US dollars using the aforementioned coupon code, which will only be valid for a limited time.

Smart door lock Xiaomi Sherlock M1
Smart Lock M1 for $ 105,99 is an unrivaled smart door lock, given that it is equipped with an anti-theft mode and many other useful features. M1 has a key lock inside the door lock.

In addition, he can boast of a children's regime, which prevents children from opening the door by mistake. M1 has a customized security chip, and each chip has its own unique certificate and private key. The security chip ensures that a two-way encrypted connection occurs strictly between the gadget and the application.

Smart door lock Xiaomi Sherlock M1

Buy Xiaomi Sherlock M1 Buy software

On the other hand, you can take advantage of the sale of the entire 1 day, as the promo is on the verge of completion. Moreover, the discount coupon is also likely to soon expire. Just follow to this product page to receive a discount and use the coupon code before the end of the promo.

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