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In the games Fallout 4 and Skyrim for PS4 there will be no user mods

30.09.2016 Games, News Comments 2,241

Owners of PS4 consoles have received unpleasant news from the company Bethesda, engaged in the development of popular role-playing games Fallout 4 и Skyrim. As it turned out, the developers could not reach an agreement with Sony, which owns the PlayStation 4 platform. Accordingly, the introduction of mods requires appropriate approval from the Japanese corporation. As a result, gamers on PS4 will not be able to download and install the mods for the above games, as well as create their own modifications.

Why did Sony take this step? According to representatives of various media, Sony does not want to waste time optimizing third-party mods under its platform, since there could be no question of any stability in the work. On the PC, each mod easily adapts to the hardware resources, but it is impossible to implement them on consoles. A significant part of the modifications, especially affecting the change in the graphic component, requires large resources. The performance of the original PS4 is not enough for this, and adjusting each mode separately is a costly and expensive process.

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