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Help Leo take Oscar

That's unlucky so unlucky by Leonardo DiCaprio. No matter how hard he tried, acting as a superstar, but all as it is impossible to stake out a site on the planet called "Oscar". Of course, he has already earned many baftas, Golden Globes and Emmys awards, but the Academy Award was not out of reach for his career. Line animation has just releasedLeo’s Red Carpet RampageFree browser game that puts you in a tuxedo sensational actor. Other races, the best actors, nominees of past awards, arrogant paparazzi, meeting on the way to the cherished dream ... crawl to Leo's Lambo after having dabbled in drugs, and act! Moving along the red carpet, collect valuable artifacts. Act more difficult than ever thought possible - with just three keyboard buttons. Just watch for the icebergs.

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