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Need for Speed ​​already in March on a PC with a steering

13.02.2016 Игры, News Comments 2,596

With the advent of Need for Speed ​​on consoles, riders noticed that some features were missing. There is no option with a manual transmission, support for racing steering. This will take some time, but soon Electronic Arts will correct these omissions. First of all, the game will be released on PC 17 March 2016 of the year. It is noteworthy that it will have the "mechanics" and support for the choice of wheels from Logitech, Fanatec and thrustmaster with. And it will also work with “frame rate unlocking” and resolution up to 4K.

It sounds promising. Owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will also not be left without attention, they will also be able to "mechanics", although it is not yet clear when exactly this update will be released.

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