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In January, GTA V surpassed almost every game

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Rockstar Games Benefit From GTA Online with missions like the Heist Missions and Holiday

- Thematic events over the past few years. GTA V was the second best-selling game of the past month amid slowing console sales of iron. A strange fact, given that the game debuted almost two and a half years ago. More precisely in September 2013. Starting with the release of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game later came out on the PC and then the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. As NPD Group's David Riley noted:

"This is the third consecutive January where GTA V was in the top 5. Surprisingly, the game moved in the Ranking from the fifth placement in January 2014 year; third place in January 2015; and the second best-selling game in January is 2016. ”

Only in January, according to the Rockstar Games, this crime simulator surpassed such heavyweights as Star Wars Battlefront , Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, Fallout 4. And he deftly knocked out Lego Marvel Avengers which came out last month and sits at the bottom of the sales charts.

The only game he was able to bypass on sales, was Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. I would be careless not to mention that Minecraft did something similar in August of last year, however, taking silver for GTA V - Still, it's incredibly rare. As of today, mods for GTA have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide on all platforms.

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