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Zeus: 3D-printer, scanner and teleport - all in one

17.05.2014 News, Technologies comments 1,282

The future is said to be already here, but it's just not very evenly distributed. Exactly: Zeus, an 3D printer that can scan and copy objects and, using the Internet, "Fax" objects to other printers. This right is the first 3D all-in-one.

Created by AIO Robotics, the $ 2499 printer has an 8 building area of ​​6 5,7 inches and can scan objects up to five inches tall. It has a front 7-inch touch screen for managing print jobs and interchangeable extruders, making it easy to fix things if they break. The system is obviously quite simple: 3D printer is a standard plastic incandescent system that can print at 80 μm and scan at 125 μm.

3D printers could be as cheap as $ 200 these days and 3D scanners have about the same price. But putting them both together, getting them to work together and creating things, so that you can transfer files between printers is a big deal. However, I expect to see more and more of these things on the market as it becomes easier to integrate all this equipment into a beautiful enclosure.

Zeus is available for pre-order now and will be delivered this summer. The ability to copy objects is the Holy Grail for designers, artists and creators, and devices like this for me is simply amazing.

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