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The best and most interesting photos of the iPhone 6

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iPhone 6Apple did not say anything else about any iPhone 6, it will not until the fall (or whenever it actually announces it), but it did not stop the Internet's collective imagination and curiosity from creating countless layouts that Apple's next-generation smartphone would look like . Just this morning, we heard about how the 6 iPhone can have 1704 × 960 resolution for its display, which is 3 x resolution compared to the original iPhone device. Here's a round-up on the best guesses regarding the look and build of a new device to date.

Signs, including hull structures bought on the sites of conventional wholesale electronic commerce, suggest that we will see more of the iPhone with a slim design, kind of like a shrunk down iPad mini. 9to5Mac has introduced a video using physical layouts of gray and gold designs of the alleged iPhone 6, built on the basis of the specification, allegedly received the business of manufacturers with access to Apple's upstream chain.

They show how it compares directly to a wide range of iOS devices, so you can get a good feeling about how it should stack on iPhone 5s and any other Apple hardware. That is, if it even turns out, in fact the thing is Real Madrid and not just the fever of the dream fans of Apple thousands.

The high-quality version in 9to5's video is about the 4,7 version of the upcoming iPhone, but there is also now a physical version of the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone, which is also supposedly in development. It's a raw, fan-made 3D print, but it gives some idea of ​​how Apple's Fablet can look compared to other gadgets designed for ordinary human hands.


At the end of a smaller range of frequent Apple device layout maker, Hayek Martin provided a concept that the design of the iPhone Nano as 6 can look like this. It's basically the Sony Xperia Z2 in many ways, though, and almost certainly not what we'll see in the final, the actual delivery of Apple's products.iphone6concept1

If you are in the mood for more imagination, there is this concept of the dual screen iPhone 6, which shows that the iPhone with a screen on both the front and back can look, complete with an 4K display resolution. A double screen comes through a slide from the back panel that will never ever happen. Not one million years, if not the dinosaurs returned from the dead.

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