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Video review of the game Panzar

12.02.2014 Videos, Reviews 1 comment 4,409

The most visible video review of the game Panzar.

  • how to play
  • why do we need a forge
  • where to extract resources
  • game store
  • recipes for crafting
  • in which location the runes fall
  • what is the altar for?
  • how to pump skills

The promotional video "The Age of Crafts" will tell you about the cardinal changes in the system for creating and improving game items, the "Damned Altar" card and its unique features, as well as many other things. Look - and do not say later that you have not seen! Dwarfs-artisans are hammering the last nails, carefully blowing away the last dust, rubbing with rags protruding details - "Update No. 31" is almost ready for launching, and will very soon show up on your horizon. Be ready to meet him fully armed! Study, discuss and build plans for the near future - it promises to be very rich and interesting.
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Broadcast - Group Against Darkness: Update No.41

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