Just recently, Qualcomm unveiled its next-generation Mobile Platform chipset which will be powering most of the flagships due on 2019. Apart from being a 7nm based chipset, the SDM855 has a peculiarity of being the first Qualcomm chipset to possess native 5G modem. In fact, major smartphone players by now should have sourced their fair share of chipsets from Qualcomm. But, OPPO strives to become the first manufacturer to bring the Snapdragon 855 powered 5G device to the market before others do so.

oppo 5g

OPPO is very much confident about bringing their first 5G supported device. And, believes of achieving the first 5G smartphone crown. The vision of OPPO to become the first in 5G smartphones was shared by the company itself through its official Weibo handle. It’s pertinent to mention here that on November 30, OPPO successfully demoed the world’s first 5G mobile phone WeChat video call. Literally conveying the firm is capable and on the verge to start their 5G smartphone business.

In the ever-advancing smartphone world, the manufacturers are obsessed to be the first while adopting the new technologies. Given other dominant players such as OnePlus,  Xiaomi and other Chinese firms are too in the race for becoming the first to launch a 5G mobile phone. It has to be seen how OPPO can overtake them to snatch the crown.

Yesterday, OnePlus CEO expressed its idea of launching 5G device early in 2019. He also added that they will have the first flagship smartphone to feature the Snapdragon 855. Perhaps the latest claim of OPPO ought to conflict with the announcement made by OnePlus a day ago. However, no matter whether OnePlus or OPPO come up with the first 5G device, the crown does belong to BBK Electronics, which is the parent company of both.

Well, let us wait and see how these dominant players can realize their claims and who comes out to be the real announcer of the first 5G device. What you think who will be, we’d be pleased to have your guesswork down in the comment section.